Original Paintings for Sale

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Bountiful Temple

A breathtaking sunset view of the Bountiful Utah Temple, which captures a "bench" perspective of the mountains as well as the dramatic reflection of the Great Salt Lake.

Original Painting Dimensions: 28 inches by 40 inches (not including frame)

Council Hall.jpg

Council Hall

This winter painting presents the Salt Lake City Council Hall. The Council Hall was originally built in1866 at First South and 120 East, but was relocated in 1961 to 300 State Street. The building located at the center left of the painting was the Feramorz Little Residence, who was the mayor of Salt Lake City from 1876-1882.

Original Painting Dimensions: 15.5 inches by 21.5 inches (not including frame)

Logan Temple Spring.jpg

Logan Temple Spring

This painting depicts the beautiful Logan, Utah Temple amid the natural springtime beauty of Cache Valley.

Original Painting Dimensions: 22 inches by 33.5 inches (not including frame)

murray houses

This painting is one of Al’s first paintings outside of college. This is a location painting of these two unique houses with the eye catching rock wall. The houses were located about 5600 South 700 East in Murray, Utah.

Original Painting Dimensions: 15 inches by 22 inches (not including frame)

Red Barn in New York

Red Barn

While traveling through upstate New York with his family, Al came across this scene of two red barns. These barns are in the Palmyra, New York area. This piece beautifully captures the New York countryside.

Original Painting Dimensions: 14 inches by 20 inches (not including frame)

Old Brown Barn


The unique painting was done in the early spring of Al’s first year painting out of college. This old barn and shed were located in the Sandy area at about 9400 South and 7th east.

Original Painting Dimensions: 15 inches by 21 inches (not including frame)

Annisquam, Massachusetts Lighthouse drawing

This was the layout drawing for Al’s original of the Annisquam lighthouse in Massachusetts.

Original dimensions: 14 inches by 22 inches (not including frame)

Harvard Concept Piece

This was the first quick sketch Al did for an original watercolor of Harvard in 1642.

Original dimensions: 8 inches by 10 inches (not including frame)

The Layout Drawing of Harvard

The final drawing for the Harvard painting. Al painted this to make sure that spacing between buildings was accurate. 

Original dimensions: 16 inches by 24 inches (not including frame)

Provo Tabernacle Sketch

This sketch of Al’s was done in preparation for his piece that he did of the soon to be dedicated Provo City Center Temple. He stood in the center of the road with his sketchbook and drew this quickly.

Original dimensions: 10.5 inches by 14 inches (not including frame)