Painted in 1998

“In 1998, my family and I took an extended trip to Britain. We resided in a friend’s holiday home in the picturesque village of Brassington. The purpose of the trip was to explore and paint as many LDS Church history sites as possible. While we were there, exploring the countryside, we visited the Beatrix Potter Home, which ultimately had a profound impact on my life. We learned that Beatrix painted and created the story of Peter, her rabbit, at her home and in her gardens, the gardens that she personally prepared and planted. I was really struck by that fact and decided that I wanted to create that same sort of atmosphere in my home.  Since that time I have worked in my garden trying to create flowers, ponds, etc. that I can use in my paintings.  I have worked really hard to do so, and like to think that I am a better artist because I know how to grow the flowers and care for the pond.”

“Please allow me to share my painting that I did in Britain in honor of Beatrix and her home, that started this wonderful journey for me.”

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