Works in Progress

Al is currently working on several projects right now and he is always looking for new ideas.

If you have a painting idea or would like to commission a painting, please contact us at 801-364-6789 or

Al recently finished a new painting of the prophet Joseph Smith when he was a young boy. He did several sketches in preparation for starting the painting, which is down below. To learn more about the story behind this new painting, click here. Prints of this painting can be purchased here.

Plain City, Utah

Al completed this commission of a historic home in Plain City, Utah for Mr. & Mrs. Craig Call. The Call’s recently restored this historic home, but asked Al to paint it as it would have been back in 1929.

The 1929 settings of this Pioneer home is located in Plain City, Utah at 2425 North 4500 West. It was built in about 1862 for the Skeen family, but was later bought by the Richardson family.

The 1929 Ford Truck in the sketch actually belongs to the Call’s. Al wanted to find some irrigation ditches for the foreground of the painting, so he asked Craig if he knew of any. He did, so they drove around in the 1929 Ford Truck and Al says that was the most fun he has ever had looking for irrigation ditches.

Prints of this new painting may be purchased here.

Other Works in Progress

  • Layton, Utah Temple

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