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Beautiful watercolors that carry us over a distance of miles and years,

which speak of history revisited and of lives well-lived.

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Stories Behind the Paintings

My Father’s House

 “This is a painting that I did many years ago with the help of a lot of great historians, including Truman and Ann Madsen, Dann W. Hone, and Kelly Ogden. I actually spent a full year studying and preparing for this painting. I wanted to do a painting of Jerusalem that spoke to many different types of religions, not just the LDS way of looking at things.” 

“When I arrived in Jerusalem I was going all around trying to find the painting that felt right to me, but every sight that I went to I couldn’t see anything in my head and it was starting to drive me crazy. It was starting to drive everyone else crazy as well because I was starting to get nervous because if I don’t get these images in my head for a painting, then what am I doing here” 



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