Beautiful watercolors that carry us over a distance of miles and years,

which speak of history revisited and of lives well-lived.

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Stories Behind the Paintings

St. George Temple

“I had wanted to do a painting of the St. George Temple, so I did my usual thing where I would drive, walk and hike around the area. I went up into the mountains to look down on the temple and just fill myself with lots of images until I could find something that matches the feeling I have. I get really strong impressions about what I need to do. And even though I can’t see an image in my head as I drive and hike around, eventually the image matches up with the feeling and I know what to paint.”

“But in this particular case, I was up in the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers building, which is uptown from the temple, and I saw a city plot map of the temple lot in 1877 and I noticed on the map that the temple was on the very east end of town and that the rest of the town was way west of it.”


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