Painted in 2019

“Now this painting started out from a previous Salt Lake Mission President’s wife. She came to me and asked me to do a painting for her husband. On their way to the mission home in Sandy from their home they drove over the Jordan River and had a beautiful view of Lone Peak, so they asked me to paint something with that sort of view of Lone Peak. I started hiking and searching around in that area and I finally came up with this idea to show both the Jordan River and a view of Lone Peak in the springtime.” 

“One of the things that she wanted was a horizontal piece, so I did my drawings and submitted them to her and she approved them. Then a couple of months later she called me and said “Oh, I really need a vertical piece. Is that a problem?”’

“It actually was a huge problem and it totally changed what I had to do. I went back out and hiked around again and did my usual search and find and I came up with this painting. A view where you could see both the Jordan River and a view looking up the valley. I also made sure that you could see Lone Peak and the glacier up on top of Lone Peak. And they loved the piece, so I was very happy that we settled on the vertical piece. It was a nice challenge that I was able to complete.”

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