Beautiful watercolors that carry us over a distance of miles and years, which speak of history revisited and of lives well-lived.

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Stories Behind the Paintings

Trial of Hope…Last Hill

This is a painting of Mary Goble Pay and this whole thing started when Lee Groberg filmed the documentary of the William Martin Handcart Companies. He invited some artists to be up on location and I was thrilled to go up there because in Wyoming where everything took place and the time of year they had the proper attire. They had the right type of handcart that were historically built so everything was perfect for you to go up and be able to find something to paint. But the interesting thing that happened was that it was so cold you couldn’t do anything! It was about 50 below zero with the wind blowing like crazy. My camera wouldn’t work half the time because the battery was frozen. You couldn’t draw; you’d be so cold you’d be shaking. So all you could really do was observe.



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