Painted in 1988

“The Valley presents the breathtaking view of the Salt Lake Valley from the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Everybody who has been skiing or enjoyed the beauties of the canyon knows the view.  It is an incredibly distinctive sight, unique to Utah.”

“As I was contemplating a painting, I had a feeling that if I went up Little Cottonwood Canyon and did some hiking around, or a bit of a walk-about as my British friends would say, that I could find a view that included both the Salt Lake Temple quarry stone as well as the Jordan River Temple.”  

“After hiking extensively, I came to the edge of the granite glacier slide and the composition of the painting came into view.  I could see both the area of the Salt Lake Temple quarry on the north and full view of the The Valley and the Jordan River Temple.  What a great feeling when the impression I had that there could be a painting and the actual composition came together!”

“I worked to connect both significant places in my painting, while capturing the view that is known to and beloved by so many.”

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